ROSA'S LOUNGE - 773-342-0452
3420 W Armitage Ave. , Chicago, IL 60647

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  • This is why Rosa's Lounge is still alive and well. Keep the dream alive! Thank you Indiara Sfair and Sugar Blue! Apr 18
  • Most famous for his work on the legendary Rolling Stone albums, do not miss the musical genius of Sugar Blue at... Apr 15
  • Jimmy Burns Band TONIGHT at Rosa's Lounge! Apr 14
  • Calling all ED HEADS! Apr 07
  • Brian Lupo makes people happy. Tonight at Rosa's Lounge. Get your tickets here:... Apr 05

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Rosa's Lounge   3420 W Armitage Ave. Chicago, IL 60647 • 773-342-0452

Tony Mangiullo / Manager, Special Events & Band Booking - 773-342-0452

Amberly Stokes /
Staff Management, Promotion, Special Events, PR & National Band Booking

Angel Sambell / Mixologist, Bar Manager, & Problem Solver

Melvin Salter / Security & black belt expert

Mamma Rosa / Complaint Dept.
Complaints must be written in Italian.
Get the Apostille stamp and mail it to the above address
and wait six months for a response:)

Lost & Found
Rosa's Live Streaming -
Rich Seng / Artist & Sponsor Relations
Anthony Moser / Tech Support