John Primer with Donna Herula :: Who's Been Cookin' in My Kitchen

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Wed, Dec 20, 2023

John Primer with Donna Herula :: Who's Been Cookin' in My Kitchen

with Donna Herula

At the age of 78, Primer has firmly established himself as a revered and influential figure in the blues genre. He embodies the spirit of blues music, serving as a steadfast pillar in preserving its essence. Although he has made significant contributions to various records in recent years, Primer's solo career has now taken center stage, finally receiving the recognition he has long deserved as a masterful purveyor of soulful music. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to witness his exceptional talent firsthand.

Donna Herula

Donna Herula, a Chicago Blues Hall of Fame inductee, stands as a distinguished figure in the blues realm. She clinched the titles of "Best Traditional Blues Artist" and "Best Acoustic Blues Album" for her remarkable work, "Bang at the Door," at the 2022 Independent Blues Awards.

Renowned for her virtuosity on the resonator guitar and her captivating vocals, Donna is a true luminary in the blues arena. Hailing from Chicago, she not only sings and skillfully plays slide but also demonstrates her prowess as a composer.

As a versatile artist, Donna Herula effortlessly traverses various blues styles, offering a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary ingenuity in her songwriting. Her contributions to blues and roots music reflect an evergreen commitment to the genre's rich heritage while infusing it with a modern and compelling perspective.

In the words of Peter Merrett, from PBS 106.7 FM, Melbourne, Australia: "Donna Herula is a truly gifted virtuoso of the resonator guitar who also possesses the most stunning of voices. She is a Chicago-born Blues artist of the highest order, whose talents encompass singing, slide guitar mastery, and accomplished composition."