Joanna Connor Band


Sat, Mar 30, 2024

Joanna Connor Band

Chicago-based Connor is best known as one of the reigning Queens of blue rock guitar. 4801 South Indiana Avenue is released on Joe Bonamassa’s new independent blues record label Keeping The Blues Alive today! The album is available here

“We chose the album title 4801 South Indiana Avenue because it was the actual street address of the hallowed funky blues sanctuary ‘Theresa’s Lounge,’ says Connor. “We want the listener to open that door, walk in, and feel to their core some of the magic that a place like that brought night after night. It was an honor to bring this to you, the listener.”

Connor has played guitar with the who’s who of blues including the likes of James Cotton, Buddy Guy, Jimmy Page and Junior Wells.
An aggressively edgy and highly innovative blues-rock guitarist with a tight groove that encompasses jazz and funk, Joanna’s hailed by many as one of the most powerful and influential female guitarists on the planet.